Essay about Healthcare Proposal

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Final Assessment Proposal
Kristian Velasco
HLTH 556
Liberty University

There is an ongoing debate regarding the potency of the new health care reform—Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—from the outset of its proposal. Many attempts had been presented in the past years but the root of the issue remains prevalent today, that there is a lack of quality in its delivery and the cost of care is continuously increasing beyond national economic edges. In this manuscript, we will discuss several factors that can positively sway the long-term significance, impact, and structure of the United States health care system. Many are wondering whether the Universal Coverage, to which will give more control and
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In other words, since the system is sick—failing to defeat the issues of public health—the healer is in need of healing before it can begin to fulfill its purpose and goal, to heal. This broken system if left as is will continue to increase the number of people who are sick, and at the same time drive the national economy at a constant global struggle (Armoni et al., 2009).
Legislative Proposal 1. Preventive Care Mandates
i. Cheaper health care cost for those that have healthier lifestyles (Braveman & Gruskin, 2003) ii. More incentives for people staying healthy
a. If the nation stays healthy, then the money spent on the cost of healthcare can be reduced at least 10% (Block, 2008) iii. Provide a directive that will enforce preventive care
a. Free preventive screening coverage iv. Educate and inform the general public of the benefits and long-term advantages of staying healthy (Kim, 2012)
2. Universal Electronic Record
i. To acquire clearer communications between physicians and facilities to keep in track of individual health records for specializations and improvement of individualized care ii. To manage treatment plans and organize accountability at a higher level (Braveman & Gruskin, 2003). 3. Risk Management
i. The government involvement in the funding of health insurance away from manipulating primary providers and their prices ii. Anyone and everyone will be funded for health insurance regardless of the