Essay about Healthcare Provider and Faith Diversity

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Healthcare Provider and Faith Diversity
Judy Mills
HLT 310V

September 14, 2012

This paper compares the philosophies of three diverse faiths, that of: Buddhism, Islam, and Christian Science, comparing them to Christianity. We will look at basic beliefs, spiritual perspectives on healing, beliefs about healthcare, and components of healing such as prayer, meditation, and rituals followed. We will also look at what is important to know when caring for a person with different beliefs and cultural views, so that we may treat them with respect, dignity and promote the healing process.
Healthcare Provider and Faith Diversity
The practice of nursing brings you in
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Healthcare worker should be of same sex if possible but in emergencies opposite sex is allowed. At death Muslims will pray, and recite the Quran to allow for peaceful departure of the soul. Like Christians Muslims believe in an afterlife for the soul and a day of judgment with the possibility of either heaven or hell. Like Christians, Muslims believe God created the universe and everything in it including man. Muslims have strong family values and believe it is children’s responsibility to care for their parents until death. Muslims condemn domestic violence and believe the relationship between husband and wife is based on mutual respect, cooperation and love. The differences in culture and religion with respect to women are a prime difference between our cultures. Christians/Western influences believe the Islamic women are suppressed, covered head to toe and made to live by strict rules. Where the Muslims/Easterners, feel Western women wearing next to nothing are objectified, putting all worth in their bodies. Both sides feel they are right and that their women are better off. Both religions struggle with the question of; do we move forward with ideas and technology or do we look back to biblical times or the time of Mohammed with stem cell research and controversial advances like that. What can we do to help our cultures coexist? I feel we can learn, understand and find beauty in Islam finding inspiration not