Essay on Healthcare Transparency Video

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AsiaNorrell Armstrong
Due Date: 9/22/14
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Healthcare Transparency Video

Healthcare Transparency is providing cost, quality and other information before treatment, decreases cost and improves out comes. In the past, healthcare was not a general belief, and there wasn’t any culture. In the future, possibly in the next five years, according to Dr. Cowley, we will see an increase in healthcare transparency; in wait times, patient satisfaction surveys, infection rates, performance or medical procedures, and facility treatment of their patients. According to, Patients and health insurers want access to this information to help them make decisions. Moreover, I think that there will be an increase in wait times considering that transparency will improve. I think that the doctor’s office should have a standard wait time such as ten minutes or so and set standards to continue achieving the wait time. I do think that the infection rate will improve if a wellness model is used. A wellness model is a model that focuses on disease prevention as well as the wellbeing of an individual. In addition, I do think that the patient satisfaction surveys will increase. According to the responses of patients that were involved in the 2009 Health Interview survey, over 65 percent of the patients rated their health as very good or excellent. I think that if the patient has a good experience at the doctor’s office such as short wait times, then the patient will take time out of their day to complete the survey and return it in a timely manner.
In conclusion, I think that the performance and