Healthier School Lunches Essay

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Efforts to give kids healths heier meal options have seen success: Soft drink makers have agreed to stop selling soda in elementary and middle schools, vending machines are being locked during school hours and salad bars are springing up in lunchrooms. The goal is to provide healthier lunches to school children due to an increase in childhood obesity. The Centers for Disease Control said that between 1980 and 2010, the number of children ages 6 to 11 that are considered obese increased from
7 percent to nearly 18 percent. The number of children ages 12 to 19 considered obese jumped from 5 percent to 18 percent over the same time period. "The calorie counts for middle schools is 600 to 700 calories," Stokes said. For elementary schools, the range of calories that students can have in a lunch is 550 to 600 calories. Chesterfield County has about 58,600 total students and about 65 percent receive lunch from the cafeteria and don't bring their meal from home. Meals are healthier and better tasting not only because of more fresh produce but also because more meals are being made from scratch and less processed food is being served. Salad bars at schools mean that kids will have the choice of fresh vegetables and fruit every day and learn great, healthy eating habits for life. Eating a salad a day is one simple, effective, easy step toward a healthier nation. More whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; low­fat milk dairy products; and less sodium and fat.

Research has shown that high levels of salt, fat and sugar in school lunches have contributed to the nationwide childhood obesity epidemic.

Moe’s Work
Childhood obesity begets adult obesity, and associated health problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre­diabetes, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and more,