Healthier School Lunches Research Paper

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In the world today many things have changed, sometimes it's even for the worse but we will always need to have change in our lives. School lunches have always been a big topic around the world that a lot of people think needs to be changed mostly because the meals served at schools are getting very unhealthy every year. Yes I agree that we need to have a healthier school lunch menu and there is a lot of reasons why it needs to be changed. Firstly, having healthier school lunches will encourage students to start eating better not only in school but at home too. When students are at school they eat what is given to them but no one knows what they eat once they are at home. So if we start to give the students more of a choice to eat healthier …show more content…
Also eliminating some of the students' favorite cafeteria foods wouldn't be a problem anymore because if we change the food while still having it taste good and being healthy the students wouldn't mind and will actually enjoy the food more than before. The healthier school lunch menu wouldn't just effect students in school but also at home and keep them eating healthy. Secondly, there is a lot of people in the world today that are obese because of the way they eat. In school the lunches are some of the reasons why students gain so much weight because the meals that are served are all processed and have a excessive amount of carbohydrates which cause weight gain. The cafeteria foods needs to change because the more the food stays unhealthy the more obese students get by the year; which starts to cause life threatening problems. Obesity is a big problem and if making the school lunches healthier can stop a lot of students from getting obese than it's the right choice and is a benefit to all of the students. Thirdly, academics are really important in school, we need to be able to focus and stay on track but like people say: " breakfast is the most important meal of the day." If our food isn't healthy and giving us the right nutrition we need then its like having no food at all and our bodies can't function without the