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In today’s society, childhood obesity is one of the most important and serious health issues around. Many people of all races, sexes, and, religion would look at it and consider it to be an issue that is sweeping the charts of the world and a matter that has grown at an extreme rate. Some studies say it is one of the leading causes to why our children today have, or are being, diagnosed with type II diabetes, breathing problems, and high blood pressure. With these types of outcomes, children being in an obese stage or point in the lives should not overlooked. Over 10 years, obesity increased more than 120% among Blacks and Hispanics while increasing by more than 50% in Whites.( Golan, M., Kaufman, V., & Shahar, D. R) In many, being an obese child will most likely lead to obesity throughout their adult life. Since 2010 obesity has almost tripled in grown young teens and adults. In some cases the causes of childhood obesity can be hereditary, so when the proper precautions aren’t taken to prevent obesity there ends up being other factors that contribute a child being obese; such as parents and grandparents, school and peers. They all end up being major influences as they seem to play humongous parts in the massive increase in why children are obese. Awareness and prevention are important in keeping a child from becoming overweight and to get them to lose weight.
When it comes to children and school, it has become easier and easier for them to grab junk food from the vending machine and just go. So this tells you that schools have become a lot more lenient on what children consume as well. What needs to happen is we need to go back to the good old days when children would play outdoors and do activities; such as go to the park and play and run, compete against one another, ride their bikes, and play tag. Another great idea is to go back to incorporating healthier snacks into diet; junk food is not the way. When a child leaves school they go home they sit in front of a television chips, candy, and soda are usually their favorite snacks and meals by choice. They play video games all day long or sit and do nothing constructive to maintaining a good health. The best way to incorporate a balanced and healthy diet into children’s lives is for both the parents and the children’s schools to be on the same page with meal planning.
Rendering to research it has been up to consumers and health officials of all kinds to notate the local and national creativities that shape the policies that should help to reduce the rate of childhood obesity. Organizations have dramatically improved the more scheduled sports in school and that has improved the physical activities in children. In collecting data for the topic of childhood obesity, it is best to look at the physical aspects of a child’s daily life so that they adapt to a healthier lifestyle which is a very important and beneficial factor with childhood obesity. Many studies have shown and noted how scarce the physical activity is in a child’s life, evidence has proven that there is quite a rise is the life style of children which is more sedentary than productive. The greatest aspect of controlling childhood obesity is to have more set strict standards in place for preventing and managing obesity. Being involved and aware of sufficient and helpful information from places such as the department of health and human services, pediatric offices, as well as websites like the CDC all have necessary detailed material to prevent childhood obesity in the early years. It is recommended that more school based, as well as after school programs, need to implement these ideas as a way of improving the dietary and physical activates and roles of communities when it comes to healthy dieting (Lueke, 2011). With more than 9 million obese children living in the United States alone, there is reason for concern for the future generation. Obese children face ridicule, disgrace, and threats daily at