Healthy Diet Essay

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“Healthy diet”
I found an article on the U.S. News Health internet page about “What makes a Healthy Diet?”. In this article the author points out that a healthy diet is inexpensive and you do not need any special equipment or diet pills. The articles expresses that a healthy diet is about changing the way you eat and that eating the right nutrients should be a lifestyle change. It goes so far as to say that adequate calories supplied by a heavy load of vegetables, fruits and whole grains; a modest amount of lean protein, nonfat dairy and healthy fats; and an occasional treat is a great eating habit to acquire. It is best to minimize your intake of processed meals made from scratch. By incorporating this eating habit into your routine, it will help ease the digestive system of distress. The article also compares this diet plan to other diets such as the meat-heavy Paleo diet, which bans grains and dairy, which makes it hard to get adequate calcium and vitamin D; Atkins, by severely curbing carbs, blows past recommended caps for total and saturated fat; and the Raw Food Diet, you may shortchange yourself on calcium, vitamin B-12 and vitamin D; its restrictive cooking rules also could put you at risk for eating raw or undercooked ingredients.
After reading this article I have come to the realization that I need to make some changes in the meals that I prepare for my family. I want to make meals that are more nutritional balanced. This will help make my family healthier