Healthy eating Essay

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Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating is very important in everyday life. It is important to have your 5 a day to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle. There are 7 different types of foods:-
Carbohydrates – potatoes, bread, Pasta. These are a slow energy release and are the most important foods that you need to eat.
Protein – meat, fish, eggs. These are important for growing new tissue and help repair muscle and tissue.
Fats – unsaturated and saturated – oil and butter – essential in the body for energy.
Vitamins and Minerals – Builds tissue and helps the body work effectively.
Water – 70% of our body is made up of water.
Fibre – fruit + veg. Removes waste products and regulates the digestive system.
A balanced diet is needed in an everyday lifestyle, it is most important for repairing muscles, energy for being fit and growth of the muscles and the body.
You can’t just eat really healthily and not put it with anything else. You need to have either some of the following to maintain having a healthy lifestyle and staying well.
Not Smoking
Regular Exercise
Minimising stress
Sensible alcohol intake
Maintaining a healthy body weight
Eating a balanced diet
It is important to eat the right amount of calories. You can work them off by doing exercise but it is good to stick to the right amounts. For a man the average amount is 2500 Calories a day and a woman needs on average a 2000 calories.
Every day you should have three meals a day. Starting with the most important, breakfast; this is the most important because it fuels you up for the day ahead of you. It is the longest time you have spent from meal to meal, you can have many things for breakfast, such as cereal or even start off you 5 a day in the morning and have fruit with your breakfast. Skipping out breakfast is very bad for you as you can’t contain your concentration for long enough without food from the night before. Cereals are made of fibres and this starts your day off well by regulating your digestive system. You should also have a drink at breakfast and start having fluids throughout the day so you don’t get dehydrated.
Then its lunch, you should have a good meal for lunch but this isn’t as important as you have eaten at breakfast. This is normally a small meal with sandwiches because they are carbohydrate and help you maintain your energy. This will keep you going through to dinner.