Essay on Healthy Foods

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Greasy pizza, lardaceous ice cream, and those horrific potato chips! They don’t sound so good when I put it that way, right? Well, that’s because it isn’t. But, what are good are healthy foods, healthy foods are very important. They are important because of the abundant medical problems linked to not consuming them, the essential nutrients in them, and improve appearance. Particularly us with diseases from eating unhealthy may want to listen up. To begin with, consuming healthy cuisine is important because of the diverse diseases linked to poor dietary habits. No doubt about it, the diseases from eating unhealthy have to be among the worst. The most popular disease is obesity, obesity is caused from eating not only too much, but also eating way too unhealthy, it, like almost all the other diseases may be fatal. Next, diabetes, diabetes is a disease where blood sugar is too high, which may cause the heart to beat abnormally, this may potentially lead to the use of a pacer. My own grandpa has diabetes, and if you see his daily routine you’ll know automatically to think twice before eating sugar. According to Leslie Garcia, the author of “Eat healthy or disease”,” Everybody should have three well balanced meals everyday that add up to two-thousand calories.” By well balanced she meant with nutrients, fats (not too much), and a little bit of everything; but especially with nutrients. To continue, it’s important to eat healthy foods because of nutrients released into the body. From vitamins and proteins, to irons and carbohydrates, all nutrients are important to the body; the question is are you receiving enough? And how much is enough? Well, there isn’t really a limit as long as it’s healthy and isn’t too many calories. Some vitamins such as Vitamin A is found in almost everything eggs, milk, butter, and some cereals, it’s more like a morning type of vitamin. One protein found everywhere is sodium, but this is where the problem is since it’s found everywhere the body consumes too much of it, sodium is quite literally in almost every food. Sodium helps maintain the body’s water stable, and keeps your heart running normally. To end, iron is a great nutrient, found in many delicious healthy foods. Iron is found in spinach, collards, prunes, and raisins. Iron helps build muscle and keeps your bones sturdy. With all the