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Living a Healthy Life Style
Good nutrition and physical exercise is important and is a must in a healthy life style. Living a healthy life style includes eating very nutritious and being super cautious of what you put in your body. It is estimated that 55 billion animals are killed each year for food worldwide. Why is it okay to kill 55 billion innocent animals a year and inject them with harmful chemicals that harm people’s health after consuming it? This number is massive, I believe the world should take a stand and try to reduce this number for our health and for the animal world.
There are numerous amounts of benefits from eating and living a healthy life style. Research proves that eating and being healthy helps with prevention of disease and cancer, an increased amount in energy, it boosts your chances in living longer, controls your weight, and even betters your mood. A few different types of diets you may follow to eat healthy are vegan diets, vegetarian diet, weight watchers diet, and also a dash diet. These are four of the healthiest diets because they consist of less meat and more nutrition from fruits and vegetables. To live a healthy life style you must not only eat healthy, you should exercise daily for at least one hour. Weather this includes just walking or running and jogging as well. After a while you will start to realize how great these benefits are for our health, also how phenomenal of an impact the benefits have on our mind and bodies. The article “5 dangerous substances Big Ap pumps into your meat” states 5 toxic substances meat industries put in our meat and dairy products, they are, “Chlorine Baths, Ammonia, Carbon monoxide, Bacteriophages and Other “Safe and Suitable Ingredients You Don’t Know You’re Eating.” (Martha Rosenberg “5 dangerous substances Big Ap pumps into your meat”). These 5 toxic substances companies are putting in our products have a dangerous effect in our bodies. Chlorine baths are put in our meat to “kill bacteria”, Ammonia is put in our meat to “retard the growth of E-coli”, Carbon Monoxide gas is used to keep the meat at a reddish color so it does not turn brown, and Bacteriophages are used in our meat to kill bacteria. All of These chemicals are known to kill brain cells and are very corrosive. Animal cruelty and not knowing what all is added to our meat play big roles in the reason I am vegan today. There have been a numerous amount of videos and articles that have streamed the internet of farmers or employees of a meat industry abusing the virtuous animals before they are processed and slaughtered. The videos shows workers being extremely violent and murderous to the innocent animals. Also working