Essay on Healthy Lifestyles

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Healthy Lifestyles Everyone more or less knows what makes up fitness by experience, but the idea is always manipulated by the individuals understanding. In general fitness includes keeping the body healthy and having enough energy to meet both the daily requirements and emergency situations. Anyone can accomplish this if they are being safe, having regular sleep to rest and replenish the body, having healthy ways of dealing with stress, good nutrition, and having regular physical activity couple times a week. Knowing what makes up a good work out can help you design a program that is exciting for you. Meeting your needs is the most successful way for you to begin! Imagine the amazing feeling you’ll get just knowing you’ll look better, be happier, and live longer. It’s the perfect motivation for you to start designing your workout. In order to meet these goals, all sorts of activities will be added to your daily routine. The best way to be involved in these activities is to be in a group or team because it will build you as a person. Belonging to a team can teach you good sportsmanship, make you committed, responsible, a loyal friend and person. You will have social interactions with the people on your team and build friendships, be cooperative, and give you leadership skills. Excuses?! They’re just a bump in the road of you being a healthier individual. Common excuses are “but the weathers bad”, “It costs too much”, “But I don’t want to work out alone”, “I’m just too tired”, “It’s embarrassing”, and “I don’t have any time”. We have all used one of these excuses at some point. There’s never an excuse on why you shouldn’t exercise if you want to be healthy and live longer. If there is bad weather, stay inside and do some sit ups. Can’t afford to be on a team or have a gym membership? A road to walk on has no cost! Walk in a mall or join a club if you don’t want to be alone. You can never be too tired because exercise builds energy. Making excuses will just prolong you from being a healthy and happy individual. What people don’t realize is that most chronic disorders are preventable through healthy lifestyle choices. These include an optimal diet, proper weight maintenance, regular exercise, adequate sleep, no smoking, and no alcohol. When the body and mind are free of disease, there is