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Healthy School Essentials
By Kenneth Phin I. Project Description ­ This project emphasizes the social and behavioral health of the student. The student’s achievement revolves around how supported he/she is at home and socially in addition, to their attitude. With the creation of better organized clubs, connectivity, incentives, and support, there is no doubt in our education system’s prosperity.
● Title: Healthy School Essentials (HSE)
● Type: Psychoeducational
● Project Champion: Bishop Jeff Parry
● # of Beneficiaries: Students
● Location of Beneficiaries: All around the U.S
● Implementation and Duration: Next years into the rest of our lives.
● Area of Implementation: Mayfair High School and CSULB
● Budget Required: $500 ­ $1,000 Total ( 1 Main club ­ Active Career Enlightenment ­
Supplies: Paper, Pencils, Study Guides, Group Activities, Food, Charts, etc)
● Budget Requested: $500 II. Background/Situational Analysis
● What prompted the project?
­ The determination of this project is to help the student’s mental health with more comfortability with their environment that is determined to create the best investment in our future innovations, community and future generations. With more students and less motivation and less jobs it’s becoming difficult to create a promising future for our education and students but with the help of a motivated student body and community, maybe we have a chance to recreate a better working system with better organized groups and real incentives for the student. For students, we need to create a more realistic environment, a more focus on career choices, offering classes to students that aren’t college bound and connecting them with more opportunities, we will have more motivation and success. Making an Active Career
Center that boosts the students health. This club will not only tend to their career needs but also their home needs and social needs.
● Existing concern?
­ This is absolutely an existing concern, as a student I constantly see unmotivated students, unbalanced hormones, depression etc. who have some incentive, but just not enough. The working parent, full time, has barely any time to focus on their child’s academic prosperity, more teachers have less connectivity to the parents besides when a grade is low and a student’s disconnect from their leaders lessens their motivation to succeed. The solution of this project is not to throw money at it but by changing the mindsets of each of these individuals. Not many clubs have open arms that just throw out special opportunities to people and this would be one of the rare clubs that actually do.

III. Project Objectives
● Objectives
­ The projects main goal is to help students that are going through tough times with social, home, academic and personal problems. It’s SMART. ● Strategies
­ Get other student, parent, and faculty support
­ Fundraising
­ Phone calls
­ Activity Planning (Picnics, Study Halls, Learning days, socializing days)
­ Meeting places
­ Scholarship contributors
­ Advertisement (Facebook page, signs, texts, emails, youtube channel etc.) IV. Desired Impact And Outcome Of The Project
● Long terms of the project is to create a lasting club that will pretty much fund itself, keep people active with correct leaders and members without discrimination but with open arms, community service benefits and supporting the students mental and social health.
● Changes I hope to see is less students isolated from their community because of both family and personal factors because they’re not alone.
● To sustain this project we just need leaders and members willing to share their voice.
● Existing clubs ­ ASB, Mayfair academic program, CSF, Student honor society, Rotary
International, Optimist Club, Lions Club, etc.

V. Risk Management Plan ● Risks preventing implementation
­ College
­ Transportation
­ Funds