Healthy School Lunches

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People feel the healthy school lunch program is beneficial to all students. Many people believe the Institute of Medicine has pushed for healthier school meals . It recommends meal containing fewer calories less fat and salt and more fruit vegetables and whole grains.
The first lady wants to improve childhood health through better eating. She is trying to make school lunches healthier and better for schools. It's better for schools to eat healthier.

As a new school year begins American parents should be thrilled to be behind first lady michelle obama's campaign for healthier school lunches. It is based on science and nutrition is what she is trying to accomplish. The first lady is helping and trying to make school lunches healthier. She can
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It blamed the problems of putting them in place on the speed and size of the changes. But just like home-cooked food with sufficient time and encouragement children can be persuaded to try new foods. If schools made home cooked food at school kids might try them and end up liking them. And with schools doing that it could help parents at home because their kid would eat healthy food and wouldn’t be such a picky eater. To make kids eat their vegetables put up signs that say if you eat vegetables. And school lunches are still unhealthy and the kids think if the school feeds it it is ok to eat. Having home cooked meals at school vs having pizza and all that at school it is way better for the kids to get healthier food. you will grow up big and strong Older students will eat more than the younger students so the six grades should be served more food than younger kids. When the younger kids and the olders kids both get the same amount of food the older kids could still be hungry.And when kids that are older dont get the good amount of food they are supposed to they could get sick. I Think that older kids should get a little more than the little kids. And if you have fruit or vegetables or the main meal the older kids should get at least 3 times as much the little kids