Heart and Inferior Vena Cava Essay

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Coronary artery disease typically happens when the lining of your arteries get built up with bad cholesterol. When it gets built up with the bad cholesterol it narrows the arteries causing a decreased blood flow to your heart. The decreased blood flow may cause chest pain and shortness of breath. Coronary artery disease typically develops over a period of time, usually decades. Since it can go unnoticed for a long time it might take heart attack for people to realize they have coronary artery disease. Some ways that cause this disease are that you are older and it is typically more common in males. Also men that smoke are three times as likely to have a heart attack. Women are six times more likely to have a heart attack if the smoke. People who are obese are also more likely to have this disease. This disease is also caused by not exercising. Some ways to prevent this disease are working out. Typically when you work out you can lose weight or gain muscle. Not smoking helps to prevent this disease. You should also eat healthier with low bad cholesterol levels. You can also go to a doctor to see if you have this disease when you may think you have it.
The blood enters the heart from the right side through the superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava. The svc gets blood from the upper part of the body while the ivc receives blood from the lower part. The two veins enter the right atrium. As the right atrium contracts and pushes it goes into the…