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Christian Graves
English 9
24 January 2014

The Flaws of Romeo that led to his Death As a guy named , “ Great and unexpected successes are often the cause of foolish rushing into acts of extravagance.” This quote tells of one of Romeos three flaws, rushing.Rushing can cause quick decisions that would have been different if you would have thought about it longer. Romeo has three flaws: rushing, insistence, and his major temper. He shows these throughout the book of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. One of Romeo’s flaws is that he rushes right into things. For example, he met Juliet, and kissed her after knowing her for not even 5 minutes. But he also rushed into marrying her less than a day after meeting her. This shows how Romeo rushes because Romeo and Juliet barely knew each other and got married. A second example of Romeo rushing things is that he rushes from relationship to relationship. He is saying how beautiful Rosaline was and goes to a party and kisses Juliet. This creates a major problem. How? Well, Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet, who happen to be haters. This makes Romeo and Juliet frienemies. Rushing made this happen, because if Romeo would have slowed down and thought about his decision, he could have figured out that she is a Capulet and switched his decision. Second of Romeo’s flaws is that he is extremely insistent. First example, he insists that the Friar marries Romeo and Juliet. This leads to Romeo killing himself after a couple scenes and acts. If he wouldn’t have married Juliet, he would have no reason to have to come back from banishment to see if Juliet was really dead. If he would have not been married, Juliet would never have to take the potion that causes Romeo insist on coming back and killing himself. Second, He was insistent that she was not dead. and came to see it for himself. Second example, is that he insists that Juliet is not dead and rushes (There is that word again!) to the grave to see if Juliet is dead. This also leads to Romeo’s death, by him coming to see for himself, he sees that she really is dead and kills himself for her. In conclusion, Romeo is an