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A heart attack is the most common serious end-result of coronary heart disease, which is caused by blockages of the arteries that feed the heart. Heart attack is also the most common cause of death in both men and women in the U.S. Heart attacks are a major cause of disability and they frequently result in heart failure. In the coronary arteries is the most effective way to prevent heart attacks.

Compared to a typical man my age, my risk of having a heart attack is very much below average. This means that I have few to no risk factors for coronary heart disease and my chances of having a heart attack is much lower than the average man in the U.S.

I have never smoked cigarettes and that means that lowers my risk of a heart attack, stroke, and several types of cancer while also improving my overall health. Smoking is the leading cause of death in the United States. I am also in a healthy weight range, which reduces risks for several cancers, diabetes and stroke. I also exercise at least one hour per week. People who are physically active for at least one hour have a lower risk of heart attack. Exercise conditions the heart and cardiovascular system and makes it more resistant to coronary heart disease.

My risk of coronary heart disease is so low because of my current beneficial health behaviors. Because behavior is the major contributor to coronary heart disease, every healthful change that i can make can lower my risk. Eating more vegetables would benefit as well. The risk of heart attack and several types of cancer can go down significantly if I eat three or more servings of vegetables each day. This also applies to fruits. Eating more fiber in the form of whole grains has been shown to