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Heart disease is the most fatal killer of the 19th century! Killing millions of humans a year with no remorse, all that is seen is the destructive path that has swept over you and your family. Who’s to blame for this out brake of death? Is it fast food, energy drinks, or maybe technology? Obesity is the biggest and most common condition related to heart disease. Has Australia given up, and succumb to the easy nature of processed foods and technology. Heart disease is becoming more common than the measles with people being hospitalized daily. People ask what are heart attacks. Why me? How do you know you’re having a heart attack? What does it feel like? What happens to your heart? How to minimize the risk of you becoming another number. The heart needs to be clear of fats to maintain homeostasis

In the early nineteenth century heart disease was not a problem nor a worry for most people. This silent killer has only come out as a cause for concern in the last century; it has not only devastated Australia but is a serious problem throughout the world. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2002 formally released a statement to the Australian public. In this report they have stated that over the past sixty years across Australia, heart disease has accounted for 22% of all deaths in males and females throughout Australia. The statement released, revealed also that 27,000 people die annually from heart disease in Australia (AIWH, 2012). The Australian government unaware of the severity of this wide spread problem have spent millions of dollars throughout the country. Their aim is to provide people around the clock help and information for all Australians. They have set up telephone hot lines, internet pages and TV advertisements to make the public aware of the consequences of being unhealthy (Queensland health 2010-2013).

In September 2012 the World Health Organisation released frightening information. In this statement they conveyed a message that puts heart disease in top place for causes of death, higher than any other cause of death globally. They also released statistics that this widespread disease has accounted for 30 precent of all reported deaths globally per annum. Men and Women are both as likely to experience heart related issues somewhere in their life. Other topics mentioned were that people who are financially unstable and living in poverty are much more susceptible to heart related problems occurring in their life, due to the lack of cleanliness and fresh produce available in these areas. Processed foods are more readily available due to the cheap nature but contain unhealthy ingredients. Scientists have estimated based on recent figures that 112,500,000 people will die by 2030 due to this disease (WHO, 2012).

Heart disease has become so common in young and old people over the last century, due to the radical increase in technology and fast food chains. These products are so easily obtained and are abused day in and day out because there are quick and cheap. Because of fast foods obesity has become a major problem, Australia is currently one of the unhealthiest nations in the world (NIH, 2012). Scientists and Doctors have recently done studies on energy drinks (these companies’ state that drinking the product will give you energy and make you on top of the world). Doctors and Scientists in America aren’t so sure. Recent studies taken from adolescents all the way through to adults have shown that they not only lie about being good for you, but have many underlining conditions that aren’t listed on any of their products. Some are life threating such as high blood