Heart Disease in women Essay

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Heart Disease Risk Factors in Women As a woman, heart disease is a real threat. Usually heart disease is seen as more of a men's issue, but in reality more women die each year than men. That is a fact that is quite astonishing, but real in today's world. A challenge that comes with this chronic disease is the symptoms vary between genders. Fortunately, steps can be taken to understand the unique symptoms and begin to reduce their risk of heart disease, and learn what the risk factors are. Stress is unfortunately and everyday reality, which with effort can be diverted away through time management and other techniques. When stress takes a bigger toll on your body and physical well being, it can actually be a risk factor for heart disease. Reducing stress can be as easy as making a schedule and having a time frame for all your daily activities. Some things may be out of your control, but having and using the right tools to cope can help reduce your risk factor for this chronic disease. Having two jobs and two classes can be extremely stressful. I take measures like carefully writing in my planner all things that need to be done. To reduce the stress of both jobs I make sure I have someone I can confide in and vent to. Having a guest service job can put me in difficult situations that are out of my control, having that person at the end of the day to listen and give me advice is the perfect outlet for stress. Meditating is a great way to clear my mind and let go of all situations I had no control over. Physical activity is also a great outlet for stress and physical well being. It's a great way to gain energy, release stress, and enhance your health. There is evidence that shows that regular exercise has a good effect on risks for cardiovascular disease. One example, exercise helps with weight reduction and can help reduce blood pressure. When you combine exercise with other health modifications your risk for chronic heart disease is reduced immensely. When you exercise, you feel great. It can reduce your stress levels when you know your body is functioning properly and feeling great. Healthy eating habits is something that walks hand in hand with physical activity. Exercising alone can have amazing results for your health, paired up with the right diet it is a powerhouse