Heart Rate and Average Pulse Readings Essay

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7. Why is it helpful to calculate the average pulse readings?
It’s helpful to calculate the average pulse readings because you could discover how many beats your heart could beat. It’s also a health check for your own self to know how well your body is and what its condition it’s in.
8. Compare pulse readings before exercising and after resting. Summarize how different conditions affect the pulse rate?
When I was exercising my pulse increased and after resting it decreased slowly. When your body’s moving, you breathe heavily and that oxygen goes to your heart which makes it beat faster because the heart is also breathing. When you’re resting, your heart is at ease. Breathing normally and slowly will make your pulse decrease because you’re not awake.
1. Pulse rate refers to the number of times your heart beats per minute to pump blood in your body. Someone who is doing physical activity should have a stronger and more efficient heart so fewer pumps would be needed to move blood in the body.
2. What happened to my pulse rate after I stopped exercising was that my pulse rate slowly decreased little by little.
3. When the pulse rate increases the heart does the same too, they both beat at the same time because they’re connected.
4. It necessary for your pulse rate to change when you’re exercising because you need to strengthen your heart somehow. Also because when you exercise you’re training your heart’s nervous system. Slowly your heart takes in oxygen for the heart to…