Heat and Hot Water Essay

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I’m new to the building can you explain to me how it all works? Boiler plant room (part1)
Basically Within your building (probably in the basement) there is a boiler plant room which is fuelled by gas. This plant room is used to heat the hot water which is sent around the buildings on your site and into each individual flat. When it enters your flat the water passes through the Heat Interface Unit (HIU), which is the boiler like object that sits in your cupboard. The arrival temp is taken, which will be between 70-80C, the hot water is then used to heat the radiators & the hot water cylinder. Once the hot water has circulated your system it then leaves your apartment and returns back to the Boiler Plant Room to be reheated and start the process again. Before the water leaves your apartment its temperature is re-taken again via the HIU, this measure is how much heat your apartment has taken out of the water. The difference in arrival & departures temperatures is measured in kWh's and is your heating usage
Why is my bill more expensive this quarterly?
It’s unlikely that there would be a problem with the meter because there digital and when they go wrong they go massively wrong not just a little bit. But I do have a suggestion as to why it may be higher this quarter….Basically because of all the cold weather we’ve had like the snow and the ice on the ground the boiler will take longer to heat the water up because the water also comes from under the ground therefore will be a lot colder than normal so will take more energy heating it up and that’s why your bill will be slightly higher, unfortunately everyone’s bills is slightly higher this quarter so you’re not the only one.

What is my tariff for a new site?
Sites like these are run off a boiler plant room in order for Bellway to set a tariff they have to know how much the whole site is going to use, there is no way of knowing how much they are going to use until the site is almost full or completed. The downside of this is the long delay before your first bill which is why we strongly suggest setting up a standing order. The benefit is when the tariff is set it is incredibly competitive
Why am I receiving a bill when I’ve set up a standing order?
You will automatically receive a bill every quarter even if you have a standing order set up its basically so you can see how much usage you have used, it doesn’t mean that the bill has to be paid because the money from your standing order will have been paid into our bank account.
Why don’t you have direct debit?
Direct Debits are provided to much larger utility company’s we however aren’t a utility company and are a smaller company and also banking policy’s don’t allow small companies to take money from bank accounts
I’m a new tenant and I’m just informing you that I’m now in the property…
Thank you for calling to inform us however I do need it in writing, you can either email us at admin@hlts.co.uk or send a letter to us at 2a Baxter Road Sheffield S6 1JF. If you could include your name, the address of which property you have moved into, any contact information, the date you moved in and the usage number which…