Heat Of Reaction Lab Essay

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Khalid Al-Sultan
Chem 1212
Lab report

Heat of Reaction

In this experiment, we explore the fundamental rules of heat in reactions. We notice how heat flows from hotter to colder systems, we determine the heats of reactions and we test the difference or visualize the difference between exothermic and endothermic heat reactions. This goes hand in hand with our previous experiment, the specific heat lab.

We are reminded to wear out safety glasses at all times, of course; as is the case with every lab we carry out. The chemicals used in this lab, however, are toxic and corrosive in HCl and NaOH and are flammable in Magnesium metal. We are advised to prevent contact with skin and eyes as NaOH can easily be absorbed through the skin. If contact with NaOH were to happen, then we are advised to wash the area affected with cold water. Discarding of the waste solutions will all be through placing them in the ‘Waste Acid Base Container.’

For the first part, we carried out an experiment to calculate the heat of the HCl and NaOH reaction: I measured 75 mL of both 2.0 Moles of HCl and 2.0 Moles of NaOH. They were recorded at an average initial temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. After mixing them with one another, we measured the temperature to be at around 32.2 degrees Celsius. Measuring the change in temperature to be approximately 12.2 degrees Celsius and calculating the heat evolved through the heat formula to be about 7.6 kJ. We then carried out an experiment to