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Business Plan for The Spot
Heather Horan
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The Spot
Define the Problem: Many college students go to multiple locations on a Saturday night to spend time with their friends. In between driving from house to house many college students drink. We would like to build a facility for our students to be safe and still have a great time with their friends close to campus. College students represent a group of individuals who have unique drinking patterns and different risk factors and concerns related to problematic drinking than the population in general. We believe that if we were to give students a safe, fun environment and not have to travel at the midst of the night this could potentially decrease the deaths in student’s drinking and driving. In addition, The Spot would provide twenty four hour access for students to study. This will benefit students that work odd hours. There is not a library in Oklahoma City or Norman that is open twenty four seven. We want to work with our students to help them advance in any way we can.

Solution and Benefits: When working with students we want to provide them with the best services we are capable of. We will be benefiting our students in many ways. First, they will have all their needs under one location. The Spot will offer quiet rooms for students to have study groups. These will be available to reserve when needed. The Spot will also have a unique lounge…