A Description Of Room Heating

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Room heating in the Pavilion and Tower on levels 2 to 35 Heating is provided in all rooms, except the bathroom and en-suite, from wall fitted radiators. • The radiators contain a sealed mixture of water and an anti-corrosive inhibitor that is heated from the heat exchange unit located in the service cupboard, see Chapters 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 The heating system is operated from a programmable room thermostat located on the living room wall, see picture 1 The temperature in each room can be adjusted from the adjustable thermostat located at the foot of the radiator, see picture 2 The system was balanced during commissioning and should not require any further adjustment or servicing If a radiator does not appear to be providing sufficient heat the radiator may need to be ‘bled’ to remove any build up of air and the water circulation pressure may need to be adjusted Programmable room thermostat The Honeywell CM907 is a programmable 7 day timer offering up to six on/off periods per day. • The thermostat is powered from the mains electricity supply has requires 2 x AA LR6 alkaline batteries to sustain the clock and user selected programming The batteries should last approximately two years and when power is running low a flashing symbol will appear The thermostat will automatically adjust the clock time between GMT and BST periods • •

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Care and maintenance • •

In addition to the ‘built in’ programmes and residents own time and temperature settings, the thermostat has some system buttons (Override; Holiday: Day Off), see picture 1. 6 For further guidance about the operation and programming of the thermostat refer to the manufacturer’s ‘User Guide’ that will be found in the handover wallet and on the Strata SE1 Inhabit website. Manufacturer Honeywell Control