Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo Essay

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Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

“I was truly moved by this book of a little boys journey to heaven, it is a must read for all ages.”

Exposition: This book mostly takes place in Imperial a small farming town tucked just inside the western boarder of Nebraska. This a true story told from a minister, Todd Burpo, whose son Colton gets very ill and needs two surgeries. Todd is very active in his family life, and in his church, of which he ministers at. Todd also depends on his faith to help him get through this whole journey. Colton is just a little boy who is full of spunk, hes just like every other little kid his age, but his knowledge is far past normal.

Inciting Event: The turning point in this story was when Colton got extremly sick and had to go the hospital, while Colton was at the hospital he had to go into surgery. During his surgery Colton said he died and went to heaven.

Rising Events: The story all started to roll a couple a months after Coltons surgeries. The Burpo family was headed off to see some family out of state, during the trip there they passed the hospital Colton had stayed at. Jokenly Todd asked colton if he wanted to go back there, Colton paused then said “ did you know i died there and went to heaven to see Jesus and the angels”. After that Todd started to ask Colton qeustions about heaven like, what did heaven look like, what did Jesus look like, who was in heaven and things like that. slowly in the next few years Todd got all but one piece of information, “what picture looked just like Jesus?” For years Todd and his wife Sonja would show Colton pictures of illistrated Jesus, but every time Colton did the same thing, studied it for a while than say nope its not the one.

Climax: I thought the climax of this story was when Todd got a email from some friends, on the email there was some