Hebrew vs Greek Religion Essay

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When you look back on history there were many defining religions, beliefs and values among different cultures and societies. The beliefs varied from believing in one single God to multiple gods, from being patriarchal to matriarchal. When discussing difference you can see numerous among the Ancient Hebrew culture and the Archaic Greeks. Greeks believed in multiple gods, the Olympians and the Chthonian whereas Ancient Hebrew’s believed in one God whose name shouldn’t even be pronounced it was so sacred. These two cultures perceived the world and their surrounds in a completely different way.
The Ancient Hebrew culture was a culture defined by many things but mostly for their construction of their religion. Hebrews or the religion Judaism
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Also in theses tails its said that the reason for Gods was to understand natural occurrences happening around the Greeks. Even though humans and gods were made of the same things Greeks believed that gods had special powers. The Greeks believed that even the mightiest of man could still be controlled by the gods, “Which of the gods was it that made them a quarrel?” (Plague and Wrath 1.8, RWH, 33) Not only did the gods have their special powers but they had the power to mess with the humans. In many instances people like Odysseus and his wife believed that the gods had done something evil or deceitful to someone they knew or even themselves. Greeks did not just have a secular god, they had many gods and those gods had many different jobs. There were also two different classifications for the gods. One was the Olympians and they lived on the top of Mount Olympus and then there were the Chthonian they lived underground controlling all things earthly. “The gods, who live on Mount Olympus, next Fashioned a lesser, silver race of men:” this illustrates that the Greeks had mount Olympus as the dwelling grounds of the gods and they saw themselves as a lesser human. There were gods for war, gods for love, and gods for everything. Greeks however thought that Zeus was the father of all gods and themselves. As you can see, with just