Hegemony or Survival Essay

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Hegemony or Survival Noam Chomsky’s argument in Hegemony or Survival is that the United States has been using the “Imperial Grand Strategy” in order to keep their world dominance. The United States’ pursuit for hegemony overpowers the public’s opinion, human rights, and the survival of mankind all over the world. Chomsky’s argument also states that the United States only cares about themselves, and being the most powerful nation in the world. In order to be at the top the U.S. frequently engages in “preventive war” argues Chomsky, and manipulates the public by using the media and propaganda to convince them that war is the answer. Chomsky supports his claims with evidence and quotes showing how the United States’ thirst for hegemony has caused multiple wars and world concern over the United States’ abuse of power. The United States’ plan to attack Iraq although the public was against it, and aid organizations with great knowledge of Iraq warned it might precipitate a humanitarian catastrophe showed that the United States only cared about their hegemony proving Chomsky’s argument true. “By December, support for Washington's war plans scarcely reached 10 percent almost anywhere outside the US, according to international polls.”(pg. 3). This shows that the public greatly opposed the United States’ actions and did not agree with what the United States wanted to do in Iraq. It also showed that the United States cared more about hegemony than the lives that were going to be lost for both the terrorists and the American soldiers in combat. The United States’ “preventive war” against any country that threatens its world hegemony is illegal under international law. The United States do not target just any country when doing “preventive war” but rather go against weak opponents that are easy to convict as a threat to them in order to avoid global controversy or sanctions. "Our forces will be strong enough to dissuade…