Heineken Business Analyses Essay

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Hille Wijma
Nico de With
Marco Helder
Klaas Jan Streekstra
Jogchum Otten


13 March 2013

H. van der Vaart


This report contains the overall business analyze of Heineken. First we start with an explanation of Heineken. We describe the company with the 7S model of McKinsey. This is a model about the structure, the systems, the style, the staff, the skills, the strategy and the shared values of Heineken. So it contains Heineken their strategy three important words: improve, empower and impact. The second chapter contains the analyses of the beer-industry. This analyze is described through the five forces of Porter. For example the bargaining power of
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He lives in Augustinusga.
Nico de With, he is 22 years old. He lives in Joure.
Klaas-Jan Streekstra, he is 21 years old. He lives in Anjum.
We all study business economics at the NHL University in Leeuwarden, and we are in the 2nd year now.

We made this report for a school task. We had to choose between different companies and we thought Heineken was a good fit for us. Both because it is a Dutch company and we love the product.

We would like to thank Van der Vaart for his assistance and feedback for making and helping to finish this report. Without him and his lessons we would not achieve a report like this one.

This report is made at NHL Leeuwarden University. We finished it at the 21st of June.


Hille Wijma

Marco Helder

Klaas Jan Streekstra

Nico de With

Jogchum Otten

1. Profile of the company
1.1 Description of the Company

Heineken is one of the world’s most famous beers. The company is founded at 15 February 1864. The company is led by a man with a vision: Gerard Adriaan Heineken. Present-day, Heineken is no longer directly controlled by the Heineken Family, but the daughter of Alfred Heineken is still closely involved in the company. Globally, Heineken is in the top 5 of the largest breweries and in Holland they are the largest brewer. Heineken NV is a Dutch multination in the beer- and beverage sector and operates in more than 170 countries. With a total beer volume of 125.8