Heinz: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Communal Responsibility Essay

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August 21, 2011
Module Question 2 Throughout our lives we have probably gotten into some sort of trouble because of a lack of responsibility for something or other. This is because responsibility is something that is taught to be an integral part of our society, without responsibility the world would be thrown into complete and utter chaos. Even the littlest responsibilities are important in some shape or form. For example one responsibility that many children may have and they neglect because they don’t understand the full impact of their neglect, is taking out the trash. If this task is not completed then the family is forced to wait another week and the trashcans begin to overflow. This is just a small scale example of the chaos caused by an ignored responsibility. This minute example along with the fact that we were made in the image of God and should try our best to do what he would leads me to believe that communal responsibility and individual responsibility never end. Therefore everyone in the world today needs to take responsibility for everything from the education of our young all the way to the future generations. Providing opportunities for the education of those who cannot create them by themselves is one of the goals of La Salle University. This is for children and the underprivileged people in the world today. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted an all-out war against poverty because he believes that with all the money our country has nobody should live hungry or unsheltered. This is a good point that he made and I think that all this can start with providing educational opportunities for everyone in need. If everyone begins getting educated then hopefully everyone will eventually be able to provide for themselves in conclusion ending poverty. The way this all needs to start though is, the people of the world today taking communal responsibility for those around them. The health and well-being of the people is also tied in with the elimination of poverty. If poverty is eliminated the need for Medicare would not be as great as it is. This will lessen the taxes so it should be an added incentive to take responsibility for others. Our relationship with our neighbors can refer to many different things. It could be the person who lives in the house next door to you, a neighboring town, and even the countries around the United States. Regardless of which is being referred to it is solely our responsibility to build a strong relationship. We are obligated to love our neighbor like ourselves.