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Helen Campos

I am not always a writer. The idea of using writing to express myself has always proven difficulty.
Using writing to express, feelings, thoughts or my perspective on “things” has never really worked out. I cannot express myself through the ink of my pen or the graphite of my pencil; but rather through the tone and sounds of my mouth. I could talk for hours with expression and emotion but writing how I talk has never been easy for me. It is as if my hand is limited to what I express on paper or the monitor of a computer. Some people are like this in their way of learning; where it may be them requiring different ways of learning (visual aids, word of mouth, etc.), I am not so different. I need to hear any professor or mentor talk to truly visualize and retrieve the information that is being projected. This makes me a “not always” writer, essays that ask for stories that need emotion within, papers that need my opinions have almost always been a flaw of mine both in the past and present; I believe my speech is far superior to my writing because of how much easier I can think of what to say rather than what to write.
Some may argue that it is just as easy to write down what you say; yes, that is quite possible but through writing, texting, no matter what the method, I believe some measurement of emotion will be lost. The true emotions of something cannot be projected on a piece of paper. The true pitch and tone of a voice are crucial to the actual meaning of what is said. There are such things as exclamation marks, the capitalization of words but there can be no substitute for the abundance of emotion of a voice. I am not always a writer.
For example, in one of my past writings for high school I had to write about someone or something that I treasure the most in my life; I chose to write about my parents. My parents are what I treasure the most in life because of everything they have done to make my family’s life the best, my parents came from Peru at a very young age to make a better living, to fulfill their dreams and they succeeded. There’s nothing better than knowing a family member has succeeded or will succeed in something they have been wanting. Knowing why I chose my parents as the topic of my essay wasn’t the tough part, the problem with writing the essay was that I knew I would show more emotion if I were to speak about it than write about it, putting emotion in my writing has always been a little tough for me, I knew this because speaking about it would have shown the audience my facial expressions, my tone, my attitude, etc; I could have added more emotion to the essay but it was not enough
On the contrary, there have been people who have never spoken a word in their life, yet write down the most beautiful things. Oscar Wilde and Christopher Nolan are my most prominent examples and influences. Wilde, a writer that was said to be vocally shy and despised for his “obscene” views of society, and lifestyle; did not let any of these factors affect his writing. Christopher Nolan, a mute writer. Both of these men’s works of literature express more emotion than what they “said”. They were both amazing writers without