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Helen Li

Why Did China Develop So Quickly?
During those recent 30 years, almost all the countries in the world, no matter the developing countries or the developed countries, the Wests or the Easts, have al been surprised by the rapid development of China. It has been mainly showed out in two perspectives: education and public health. What Chinese government had done genuinely has become a controversial topic spread around the world.

One speech called Let my dataset change your mindset, given by Hans Rossling, indicated that the development of China could due to the investment of Chinese government both in education and public health. Firstly, by showing the data of child mortality against income, Mr.Rossling analyzed the relationship between economics and health care of many countries, including China and America. Exampling the position of America remained on the high-income accompanied with the low-child mortality in this graph, he also compared the rapidly change of Chinese position, that attribute the success to the economic growth of China under the political economic system, on the other hand Chinese economic growth always lead to the public health’s growth.

Secondarily, in Hans Rossling’s speech, the development of Chinese education which is similar to the public health, could also be reinforced by the growth of economic at the same time. His analysis emphasized that the development could not be made without the educational and health care’s growth, because the way they two work out in stability, and it could played the important role in such a developing country like China, being the way to developed.

However, the exceptional analysis, which came from Wikipedia, claimed that Chinese government invested more in education rather than health-care system. After narrating the story of Barefoot Doctor and the history of public health in China during the Cultural Revolution, it suggests the failed relationship between patients and laws applicable. “The welfare health system supported by public funds essentially exists in name only.” (Wikipedia, 2012) Although the undertaking of Chinese reform in health care system, the set up of many Medical Care Systems, making it affordable to those rural poor by health policy, the corruption and disregard for the rights of patients do also exist in the Chinese public health systems. In most cases, individuals have to pay for their own health care.

The opinion held by Wikipedia about education is contradictory to that of public health. It analyzes the education policy established by Chinese government, for example, the nine years of compulsory education, which means all citizens must attend school at least for nine years. This was the result in the Mao zedong’s leader of