Helena Of Troy Or In Actual Sense Helena Of Sparta Was Known For A Essay

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Helena of troy or in actual sense Helena of Sparta was known for a “face that launched a thousand ships”. Two nations went to war because of one woman. I wanted to be like Helen… to be admired and fought over… but my face had been sun-kissed and covered with acne scars. At the time my dream seemed unrealistic, but in my mind it was possible.

I developed the chronic skin condition of Hidradenitis Supparativia during my first year of Middle school. Most of middle school I experienced depression because of my condition. My parents were completely clueless about what route to take to help me, because I was often bullied at school. They tried Dermatologist, Doctors, and Naturopaths and numerous other “cures”, in their attempt to help make my dream realistic…but they all failed.

I began my own research instead of waiting on my parents or physicians. I tried solutions others on social media websites had mentioned; creams, hair extracting methods, and even weight loss. These methods all took time and though they may have slightly minimize my condition, the amount journey was worth it all. I learned that Hidradentitis Supparativia was an infection of the hair follicles, which creates painful spasms and bumps similar to the common pimple; and that polycycstic ovarian syndrome was common to women who had my skin condition. This experience brought

Now that I am older HS has minimized, and I’ve joined groups to speak with others struggling with this also because, the worst part about HS was the emotional strain it put me through, and not having someone who relate to me.

The chronic skin condition of hidradenitis supparativia or HS. It was an infection of the follicles that gave me painful bumps and spasms. I could not be a young girl either physically or emotionally because I had let this run my life. And now that I have lived with HS for over 6 years I wish for me and others alike to feel beautiful like Helen of troy; but in this case my fight will not be won hiding within the Trojan horse, but instead out amongst the students like myself with an education. Though Hs has made 6 years of my life painful, it has inspired me to give back what I never had; a life without being my disability.

Being active was not recommended 5 years ago. I couldn’t even walk because of severe pain, none the less run is what my parents would say; but I was always a stubborn child. I wouldn’t let pain take over my dream of participating in track. So sophomore year I attended every track practice and cried through every sprint, ignoring my teammates questions of “are you okay Kathy?” though I practiced and cried on the field Tuesday through Saturday HS took over. And from missing one meet, I had to miss the next then the rest of…