Helio: A Short Story

Words: 548
Pages: 3

It is the first thing to pierce the darkness, carrying with it the torch of a new day. I don't see it at first, it is nothing but a small warm, rosy glow, completely humble compared to the magnificence of Helio's chariot. But the newborn phoenix sun starts to shake off the ash from its soft down, and I could see the bright red scarlet of the morning.

There is a moment -- a pause -- before it harks its song and takes flight, spilling golden light upon the plains, across the hills, penetrating the deepest of forests, and scaling the tallest of peaks. Amazed at the sunrise starred for a but longer before heading off for my morning run.

I surrendered myself to the miraculous beat of my feet against the ground. The angry pitter-patter of the
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Breathing in deeply I exhaled and repeated the process until I was confronted by a deep voice. "Asia is that you it's me Klaus you need to leave now." Hearing the name my eyes turned black and angry flowed through me uncontrollably. He was one them I could smell his mutt sent lingering around him like a cloud.

Turning around I quickly pushed Klaus towards a nearby tree where I had him pinned. "Asia what's going on" I heard him manage to say before being distracted by soft growing that seemed to surround us. " you need to live now" he said with concern in his voice. Klaus still between me and the tree I placed my hands on the tree trunk and waited until the tree spurred limbs that wrapped themselves around Klaus fixing him in place as each limb tightened around his body.

"Just got to make sure you don't run off again" I said to him in a stern by playful voice before being surrounded by nearing werewolves. Each growing and showing there sharp teeth as they inched forward.
But in that moment I wasn't scared nor did I want to ran and hid I wanted to show my strength and send a message to the alpha werewolf Liam that I'm not just some pathetic kid soared from her parents death but that I'm much, much