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The Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay was born on August 11, 1966 in Scotland. Throughout his life he became a known professional footballer. Ramsay was a very good soccer player at the age of 15 he joined the (Pros) team Glasgow Rangers. It was said that Ramsay played for the Rangers from the years 1982 until 1985 in which a knee injury ended his career. Ramsay turned to hotel management school after the incident. Once he graduated he apprenticed with Marco Pierre White at Harvey’s in London. Within the next two years he joined Albert Roux at Le Gavroche. In 1990, Gordon moved to France and spent three years in the kitchens of master chefs Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy. Gordon took a year off and cooked on a yacht of a media tycoon. Within the next year, he was back in London as a chef of the newly opened Aubergine. Three years of the opening he garnered two Michelin stars and several accolades. In 1995, Gordon Ramsay won ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the prestigious Catey Awards. 1998 was the year Chef Ramsay opened his first wholly owned restaurant, Gordon Ramsay’s, at 32 years of age. The London restaurant was recognized one of the best in the world and was awarded three stars by Michelin. Ramsay has than opened up other critically acclaimed restaurants, including, Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s and Boxwood Café. He also has ambitions of opening several more restaurants, even one in America. The publication of his first book was also established in the year 1998. Gordon Ramsay first TV exposure was on channel fours controversial ‘Boiling Point’, it was a forbearer of the later reality TV shows ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ which would make him a household name.
The next year, Gordon opened up Petrus with his protégé Marcus Wareing as Chef Patron, in London’s St. James’s Street. In 1999, Gordon Ramsay second book ‘Passion for Seafood’ was published. Gordon won the Chef of the year award at the Cateys in 2000, and his restaurant was also voted the Top restaurant in the UK. It was also named the best Fine Dining Restaurant in the 2001 Harden’s Guide. That was a very great achievement for a person who started out on an HND management course. Gordon third book, ‘Chef for all seasons’ was shortly followed by another book, ‘Beyond Boiling Point’ a sequel to C4’s original documentary.
Gordon Ramsay Scholar Award was launched with the aim of encouraging young chefs. Within that same year Gordon opened up ‘Verre’ in Dubai. By the year 2003, Gordon’s award winning-food was now being served in another famous London hotel, The Savoy, but it was Ramsay’s hugely successful reality TV shows that was to bring him into…