Safe Alternatives For Better Heart Health.

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1ml = 0.79
14.9g/0.79g = 18.86ml


13/300 x 175ml = 22.75

22.75/10 = 2.28 Volume of pure alcohol


Yes, it's very hard to measure a slug and especially as many people would have a different definition of what a small amount is. I’m actually quite surprised a scientist would be so vague but again everybody would react to alcohol differently with age and size.
I would like to agree with Professor Karol Sikora about small consumption of alcohol but I think the British heart foundation are giving better advice that there are safer alternatives for better heart health.

Selby, J. (2015) ‘Prof. Sikora's comments’, forum message to SDK125 tutor group forum of tutor K. Fox, message posted 7 June 2015.

It would also depend on the Alcohol Content as to whether in a slug you are consuming as much as you would in a bottle with less volume,ie Would a Vodka slug be a higher concentrate than a slug of Ale?

Fox, R. (2015) ‘Prof. Sikora's comments’, forum message to SDK125 tutor group forum of tutor K. Fox, message posted 25 May 2015. I’ve chosen these two extracts because they highlight the dangers of the excess of too much alcohol as everyone has a different definition of a slug. They also point out that the benefits of drinking alcohol might not outweigh the negatives.
There are far more healthy ways to look after your heart than drinking a small amount of alcohol. Like the British heart Foundation mentions in the article about being more physically active, eating more healthy and giving up smoking.

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Ethane has one 'Double' bond between the two carbons so has two from each carbon so 2 electrons.


Type of bond broken
Number of bonds broken
Bond energy (kJ/mol)
Total energy bond
of bond formed
Number of bonds formed
Bond energy (kJ/mol)
Total energy formed



Nick had
1/ attempts to control
2/ Loss of control
3/Time spent use
4/Sacrifices made for use


c) Nick had a lose of control with drinking with a black out something that he would associate with himself. The idea of not drinking scared him.


Dear Aunty,

It is an absolute must that you must go to your next mammogram. 1 in 9 women in the UK - that’s over 11% of women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime, that’s quite a big risk! If the odds of winning the lottery were that good, everyone would be buying a ticket! Which is exactly the reason you should go. On average, an individual woman has a significant chance of developing breast cancer over their lifespan. When we are younger there is less chance of developing breast cancer but with age our odds increase in developing breast cancer. With 1 in 200 women in our 40s by the time we are 60 it’s 1 in 23! That’s increased our chances by 8 times. Unfortunately the older we get the longer we have been around to increase number of unrepaired mutations to our body (DNA) so please go to your next mammogram.

There are also some genetic risks to consider. Our exposure to oestrogen over our lifetime increases the risk, it is thought that longer exposure of oestrogen to breast tissue it one of the reasons to cause breast cancer. Also, in the western world it more likely to encounter breast cancer