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VAS provider provider provider


Founded: Jan 2012 Team: 1 full-time; 1 Part time Stage: Initial Traction Headquarters: Chicago, ILL USA provider VAS



VAS provider provider Industry: Any Industry involved with Radio Waves: GSM/Public Safety/TV/Etc. Market: Any who utilizes Radio Waves




Software Radio Networks Everywhere
1. Executive Summary
WindyCitySDR's intent is to reclaim Chicago's past, today, well into the future by manufacturing a "Patent Applied For" Software Defined Radio device that is the equal to a Majority of the products Motorola Solutions, Motorola Mobility, Motorola Ventures' Portfolio Companies " provides society. WindyCitySDR's device can send & receive radio waves between Radio Frequencies 400Mhz - 5Ghz disrupting existing, traditional hardware radios'!


at is SDR

Software Defined(s) Radio is: wireless communications device(s) that performs all of its signal processing in portable, application level software. By simply running a different program, a software radio can become a cell phone, wireless LAN, cordless phones, garage door opener or walkie-talkie. The flexibility enabled by software radio also enables faster technology tracking, since standards upgrade are simply software downloads

SDR Hardware & Software Sales, Service: - Provide WindyCitySDR hardware for GSM
GSM is the technology to connect 4 billion people on the planet who don't use mobile phones yet. It will the dominating technology for voice and messaging for at least 10-15 years more. It's cheap, has huge existing user base and easily works at places where 3G/4G signals can't get to.

4. Example


3. How this is Disruptive

Unlike existing vendors like Motorola, Ericsson, Huawei, NSN, ALU and ZTE, our business model is geared towards enabling society access to the RF Spectrum directly to their General Purpose Computer. Once within your user space, the software you execute determines which Radio your Software Defined Radio board becomes.

Charge VAS, MNOs, Municipalities, "Broadband Initiatives", etc. for Maintenance/Updates on a per Transaction/Subscription basis. While the business model is software centric, hardware is important too because it allows us to control hardware quality and provide tight integration with software. This could be revised later when similar hardware appear on the market. This business model is most attractive in Africa, LATAM and Paci c regions, or the EXPLOITED MARKETS, where there is a huge demand for mobile communications from the poorest parts of the population. Though developed countries such as the USA can benefit tremendously as well.

The ultimate goal is to build a Chicago based community around our SDR solutions and services, encompassing "Next Generation" technology to be manufactured within Chicago stimulating employment, the local economy, and surrounding community. WindyCitySDR is interested in reclaiming Chicago's past, today, well into the future. Chicago was once known to have started the USA's Mobile Phone Network!

6. Creating a Software Defined Community

7. V for Mobile Operators:
- simple & cost e cient - supportive community of like-minded operators
WindyCitySDR's network looks just like a GSM network to a mobile handset and like a VoIP backbone to core network servers. WindyCitySDR handles complicated network management.

w for VAS providers: - Uni ed - Worldwide Coverage
Deploy to any mobile network connected to the WindyCitySDR Chicago Datacenter Equipment.

WindyCitySDR equipment, network management
$ $

xed fee or revenue share

$ $

hosted VAS platform

MNOs bacis services support
$ $ $

provider Providers $ $ $


value added services

for subscribers: - cheap!
A ordable for users with incomes as low as 30 USD/month.
Works with GSM handset.


Matin@WindyCitySDR.com +1(773)531-7312

WindyCitySDR E…