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Natalie McKee
English 1

Farewell to Manzanar

Characters: Jeannie- Daughter of papa and mama and sister and is brother and sister to Bill and Woody. Jeannie is the youngest child in the Japanese family.
Woody- His wife is Chizu who waves goodbye along with Mama, Jeannie and Ko when he is shipped off on a boat. Woody is the oldest sibling and brother to Bill and Jeannie. Mama and Papa are Woody’s parents.
Bill- Has a wife but the name is unknown. Bill is the second oldest sibling and the son of Mama and Papa. He is shipped off along with his brother Woody.
Papa- is an alcoholic and husband of Mama. His son and daughters are Bill, Woody, and Jeannie. Papa is shipped off on a ship alone.
Mama- Her daughter is Jeannie and sons’ are Bill and Woody. She is married to Papa. Mama waves goodbye along with Jeannie and Ko to send Papa off.
Ko- One of Jeannie’s friends from school that live with her family.

Setting: Around the time of 1941-1945 in California, Terminal island, Boyle Heights, and Manzanar.

Plot: Jeannie and her family have to move all over California because of Pearl Harbor. These different places they visit are worried the Japanese I’ll take over the Caucasians. When Jeannie starts to grow up she becomes queen of activities at school, starts to win first place in certain places. These results in many cultures can do anything they want to achieve not just Caucasian people. The main conflict is the racism of Japanese since Pearl Harbor. Schools, parents, and teachers always think Caucasians should win and do everything.

The author’s message is to show how each race and person should be treated equal rights.

The House on Mango Street
Mama- The mom of Esperanza and Nenny and wife to Papa. An older woman with black curly hair.
Nenny- Esperanza’s sister and daughter of Mama and Papa. She is about 7 or 8 years old.
Kiki- shares a room with Esperanza. Daughter of Mama and Papa and has hair like fur. The youngest out of all the family.
Carlos- His hair is thick and straight. He is the son of Mama and Papa and brother of Nenny, Esperanza, and Kiki. The oldest of all the kids.
Papa- Husband of Mama and dad of Carlos, Kiki, and Esperanza. His hair like a broom, all sticking up.
Lucy and Rachel- Next door neighbors with Esperanza’s