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The Tragedy Of Othello Prompts

If I was engaged to someone rejected by my family, I would still choose to marry him because I would be following my heart and mind. I would marry for love and let myself find out what is wrong with the person I am engaged to. Religion may be a concern to my family. I feel if they were to meet him, they would be respectful and nice to his face but would express their concerns to me in private. I would listen to them but in the end I would follow my heart. I would just tell them to let me see for myself.
I feel that if someone is truly and deeply in love, and elopement is the only choice then they should do it. Elopement is always and option, especially if the marriage is illegal or not accepted by family. I think that Othello and Desdemona chose to elope because he was a Moor and that Brabantio and everyone else would have a problem with this marriage. I saw nothing wrong with them eloping. I do not feel that the had any other choice but to sneak and get married because of the rejection and criticism that they would have received.
Interracial dating/relationships are not looked down on like they used to be in the 16th century. It is accepted more by more people, but very few are still against it. I have nothing against interracial dating/relationships. I would actually prefer them because it puts away a lot of stereotypes about specific races.
The definition of a villain is a person who is evil and wants to intentionally hurt someone or something. Iago is the