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A help file is a document of a software program that explains the properties of a site. The information are organized, and detailed like an open book or as an FAQ s (frequently asked questions) .Recently when designing a help file I have overcome some major issues like some sites offer their help systems in files like: PDF. Of course that will be helpful for some users to download and use but I think that help files should be available as an online page. These pdf file can be useless for technical support needs. For example, you will not be able to refer the users to certain sections of your help system by just giving those the URL links. To gain an effect out of your help system for users and technical support you should make it a part of your web site. However, you should divide the help system into many HTML pages. Each page should contain a topic, sub topics section or chapter of your help. Having information in this organization will ease the reading process, navigation, and bookmarking. Each page should cover a certain topic to solve a certain task.
Not much you can do to customize the appearance of pages, especially after importing your help file from a word document into a set of HTML pages. Either you have to look for some modern authoring tool or retype your work. To attach your help pages into the software or site, you must add the breadcrumb trail navigation to them. You have to use the same navigation trail on all pages of your software. The advantages from