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Illegal Immigration in America
Illegal immigration has been a problem for years and probably won’t be solved for a while. If you don’t know what an immigrant is it is a person who goes to live in another country permanently, legally. However an illegal immigrant is someone who goes to another country to live permanently without legal permission. To be an illegal immigrant you don’t have to be from a specific country you can be from anywhere in the world including places as far as Australia to places as close as Mexico. Over all illegal immigration happens on a day to day basis and is a current problem that is trying to be fixed.
Illegal immigration has many parts to it, from planning it all out to actually doing it. You never know whether or not you will actually succeed in making it to America or not because there is just so much that could go wrong in such short notice you won’t have time to react properly. The process that many illegal immigrants follow to get to America consist of many risky things such as getting kidnaped, killed, separated from your family, etc. However, they are willing to take those risks just to get to the place they destine to live in. However, no matter how much they fought and risked to be in America, if they get caught they will most likely end up being sent back to where they originally came from. Which to them would be a tragedy but to others it would be a relief.
There have been many debates on whether or not immigration is harmful or helpful to the economy. Illegal immigration is actually both helpful and harmful. It is helpful in the sense that illegal immigrants not only pay taxes but they also contribute