Help Me ! I Have A Tatoo On Me?

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Help Me!I Have a Tatoo on Me!

People with tatooes are less likely to be a positive part of society. People with tatoos obey the law less than there non-tatooed counterparts. Unplanned births are the result hightend sexual feelings associated with getting tatooes. Tatooes are not linked to feeling intelgent and lesson employement options in an already scarce job market.
Twenty nine percent of people with tatoos state that they feel rebelous because their tatoos. Rebellious actions often result in prison time for breaking the law. According to a comprehensive study, 72 percent of men in youth prisons and 52 percent in state prison have tatoos. Many increase there tatooes without caring about being sanitary. They trust not getting hepatitis, aids, and many other deseases to a person making life time comitment tatooes with an ink gun made from electrical tape, a guitar string, a tooth brush, and battery operated motor.
U.S. Department of Commerce states that thirty one percent of people interviewed feel sexy because of their tatoos and this causes more sexual activity. Many children are birthed as a result and are being raised in poor housing. More money is spent on tatooes to commemorate there new children instead of for a better place to live or a colledge savings account for the childs future. Habitat for Humanity states that children raised in poor house holds have an increased risk of viral or bacterial infections, mental health and behavioral problems. Also, those children will have a greater likelihood of being impoverished and unemployed as adults. Most likely these children will be just like there parents and people in there comunity.
U.S. Department of Commerce also states that only 5 percent interviewed claimed to feel more intelligent because of there tatoos. Companies do not want to hire a person that does not exert a profesional image. Most customer service buisnesses insist that all body art be covered when serving the public which make it hard for someone to daily conceil over long periods of time. A study by