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A.P. U.S. History Test: Exploration and Settlement

1. Select the answer that places the following events in the correct order: A. Witch Trials; Jamestown; Plymouth Rock; First Slaves B. Jamestown; First Slaves; Witch Trials; Plymouth Rock C. First Slaves; Plymouth Rock, Jamestown; Witch Trials D. Jamestown; First Slaves, Plymouth Rock; Witch Trials

2.What was the most important crop grown in Virginia and much of America?
A. Corn
B. Rice
C. Tobacco
D. Sugar

3. What religion was first allowed to settle in Pennsylvania? A. Puritan B. Catholic C. Quaker D. Baptist

4. Jonathan Edwards was very concerned about A. Living his life in a Godly way that influenced younger people B. Living a life pleasing to God and living life to the fullest C. Living a life that was always positive and never negative

5. What kinds of things was Columbus looking for when he went sailing in 1492? A. China, India, and Indians B. Gold, Silver, and to prove the world was round C. Religious converts and quicker route to China and India D. Gold, Silver, and his very own island or country

6. Acadians were from this country, this religion, and first settled here in America: A. Spain, Catholic, Louisiana B. France, Protestant, Louisiana C. France, Catholic, Louisisana D. English, Catholic, Canada

7. Jamestown failed because A. Too many rich and poor men, and it was built on a swamp B. Not enough women and the Indians wiped most of them out C. Too many rich and poor men, and John Rolfe was killed D. No one liked or had faith in John Smith

8. In the 7 Years War, all of the following were involved: A. Indians, French, Spain, England B. Americans, French, England, Spain C. Indians, Americans, French, England D. Dutch, Indians, France, England

9. None of the very early (pre-1600) explorers to America did this: A. Made contact with the indians B. Established permanent settlements C. Landed D. Claimed land for their country

10. The Mayflower Compact was A. A list of laws for the Puritans to follow B. A sort of semi-prayer for God to guide and help them C. A statement saying they would set up a civilized government D. The rules that people on the Mayflower had to follow

11. Georgia was created by England because A. Planters were running out of land in South Carolina B. Spain was moving in from Florida C. It served as a ‘no-man’s land’ for runaway slaves D. It was to be an environmental wonderland

12. The Puritans left England for _________ reasons, and established a ___________ society of their own A. Poltical; Communal B. Religious; closed C. Persecution; open D. Economic; capitalist

13. Africans were the target of slavery because A. They were black B. They were ‘uncivilized’ C. They were immune from diseases D. They were skilled at agricultural labor

14. About what percentage of slaves came to North America (out of all slaves) A. 10% B. 25% C. 33% D. 5%

15. Why did Indentured Servitude no longer remain popular in colonial America? A. They died of disease and refused to come B. They often rebelled and were dangerous C. They could be a political pain and found work in England D. Slaves proved to be harder workers

16. What made Columbus’ discovery so famous? A. He returned to Spain first and brought back Indians B. He made 3 more trips and brought back much wealth C. It occurred shortly after the printing press was invented and he was the first to go where he did D. Spain was the dominant world power and Columbus further enhanced their empire

17. Compared to Southern colonies, Northern colonies A. Had smaller farms and larger cities B. Had more churches and less money C. Had colder winter and warmer summers