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John awaken in the hospital for the 4th time this week, with a new excuse each time; weather he had fallen off his bike or down the stairs. The whole town knew the truth but didn’t speak much of it. John had a severe concussion and bruises down his body from another one of his father’s beatings.
John was born in Detroit, a dirty run-down town with next to no work. He grew up there most of his childhood; he had medium brown hair, pale skin and was overweight. Each day John wakes up to be faced with another nightmare, another challenge to survive the day, he gets severely bullied by the kids at school. At home is the worst, john’s dad beats him for not being more like his brother, Seth who drown last winter in the lake. “He wasn’t smart like Seth, he didn’t get ladies like him, and he didn’t have friends were some of the things John would hear daily. Simon was Johns only friends and they have known eachother for aslong as they could remember, but Simon was moving away this summer for his parents work. Simon felt so helpless for John, he never knew what he could do to stop the bullying and beating. John was so sick of his life and was discusted with the people, many times he had suicidal thoughts and once even tried to over does on his fathers painkillers bu that only put him in the hospital for a few days. Johns life wasn’t getting any better so he decided to make it even worse by getting into hard drugs like heroin and ketamine and started hanging out with the wrong crowd.…