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Mirror Mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all? ; Question learnt from the very beginning of childhood. Now imagine a childhood, in fact imagine a life without mirrors. Imagine not looking at yourself the first thing in the morning, imagine not knowing what you look like, and imagine the elimination of every source that provides you with a reflection. It indeed is a crazy idea but an idea that needs to be understood in depth.
The definition of beauty has drastically changed over the years and a lot of credit goes to media and constant urge for change by the human race. The mirrors that were once used to embrace reality are now being used to question the veracity of ones being. There are a million of questions being asked to God, about why some of his creations have higher desirability than the others. The media is using the vulnerability of self-confidence against the vulnerable and feeble minds are falling for the trap. Every channel on the TV is portraying the same concept, every magazine the same story, all there is to be seen is perfectly dolled up skinny girls either selling beauty products to make one go fair or flaunting their scrawny bodies on runway. As if paper was not a good enough medium and hence the use of billboards, all full of certain type of males and females, all of them representing the same concept of body image. The image that requires the men to have six packs and women to have a size zero figure. Industries are coming up with new products to make one grow younger, foundations are being introduce to provide you with flaw less skin. Celebrities are being used to promote and to certify these fallacies. Adobe Photoshop and other software are being used to pursue perfection. Everything convincing one to look in the mirror and ask the question, am I up to the standard?
The teenagers are the ones being affected the most. The young minds get corrupted easily, trying to pursue perfection. They opt for various unhealthy diets; some head towards anorexia, while others reside in drugs. The struggle for getting the perfect image not only affects them physically but mentally too. They start suffering from depression and anxiety. The social barriers arise. Men and Women start worrying about aging and suddenly normal way of aging seems old fashioned. Plastic surgeries are considered to be a remedy for