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The use of Islamic tiles date back to the 1400s, the technique to create the tile is was to place the tiles together, and the design was drawn on. It was then placed into a fire and then placed in the order of how the design needed to be made. Islamic tiles were used to decorate many religious mosques and even regular business offices. One of the main reasons that these tiles were used so often was that it was cheaper to produce; also it was less time needed to manufacture the tiles. Another type of tile that came from this technique was called luster tiles. It came in many different shapes such as rectangle, octagon, hexagon and so forth. There designs were more than just pretty lines, they contained people, animals, floral and even poetry.
The Winter Prayer hall of the Shahi Mosque is a perfect example of the Islamic tile work. The tiles cover the walls, arches and the vaults of the prayer hall with beautiful Seca tile designs. The ceramist had to make different tile shapes to even incorporate tiles to all corners of the hall. This is why this hall is a technological triumph as well as a beauty to the eye of anyone.
Another type of ancient Islamic art is calligraphy; it dates back as early as the 9th century, and it is one of the most highly regarded art form in the Islamic realm. The use of calligraphy was to transcribe the Quran and is one of the reasons that this art form of writing is popular. It can start of as a letter, and then turn into a decorative knot of some sort. Backed on enhancing paper can make the calligraphy absolutely breathe taking and stunning.
One of the most famous calligraphers was Ibn Muqla. He lived in Baghdad in the 9th…