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Helpful Hints
When collecting evidence, the following will help you:

1 Start by thinking about what activities you do in your current role and match these to the units of competence specified for the NVQ.

2 Identify evidence that you could gather naturally while carrying out your everyday work and cross reference these to as many skills and knowledge requirements (what you need to do) as possible (either within the same unit or across other units). Apply a single piece of evidence to as many units as possible.
This is not only economical in terms of collecting evidence, but it also gives a more holistic, or rounded, picture of your competence.

3 Go for quality rather than quantity. Well chosen pieces of evidence can count for much more than a vast amount of evidence which only loosely applies.

4 Mix the types of evidence you offer. A good mixture containing some observation of practice, some products of your work, some witness reports and so on, leads to a more streamlined, better balanced approach which is more convincing to your assessor.

5 Choose evidence which reflects your current competence.
Evidence can come from things you did in the past but your assessor must be convinced that the evidence you offer reflects your current competence.

6 Do not treat reference materials (such as company policies and training materials) as evidence, because they do not demonstrate your competence, unless you can demonstrate that you produced them or how you have used them in your everyday work.

7 You can also use your assessor’s records of your assessment as evidence.

8 You do not have to keep all evidence in a paper portfolio. If you keep evidence somewhere else, for example, in a