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Dual relationships Millie, who is a therapist in a small town, experienced chest pains one day. The fire department was called to her home, and one of the medics on the team turned out to be her client Fred. In order for Millie to receive proper care, Fred have to remove Millie’s upper clothing. During following sessions, Millie nor Fred spoke of the incident, but both felt uncomfortable with each other after the incident. Eventually Fred stopped his therapy sessions with Millie. This case is considered an unavoidable dual relationship. Since this is a small town Millie should have discussed with the client how to handle chance meetings in the community during the informed consent. She should have discussed that she herself was embarrassed and like him she felt a little uncomfortable. Talking about it would had to make him feel a little more at ease. Millie failed to provide proper therapy to her client. He felt so uncomfortable that he discontinued his therapy that might have been very vital to him. If I were in Millie’s situation I would have made Fred aware that the chance meeting was unavoidable, and as a professional he did his job in order to save my life. Although we both felt a little embarrassed we could have put everything behind us; and if not I could have recommended another therapist to help Fred. Social workers who yield professional services to members of their own religion in small towns face unavoidable dual relationships, the only mechanic in your small town who just happens to be your client,…