Helping World Majority Students Analysis

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Helping World Majority Students
In the article, helping world majority students make sense of university expectations, the author tries to prove that even though it is deemed necessary to make changes in the school education system, it is quite hard to make such adjustments, but provides better strategies on the subject. The author argues that it is highly difficult for these institutions to change their standards as well as the entire instruction framework for the purpose of making it easier for the foreign students taking courses in the institution.
The author’s sentiments is that even though the foreign students might be at first shocked about their new environment ,they do have the ability to change their new environment to a place that
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What the author tries to present here is that despite the need to have a diversified environment that requires all students to be given individual attention, it is impossible to accomplish that every year for every student. I agree with the author in the sense that it would be tedious to get to know the students individually and get them acquainted with the system. At a personal level, I think it is really important to give students who came from different backgrounds individual attention to talk about what difficulties they face and the difference between my culture and that of US. When I was in ESL program, I really enjoyed what teachers really wanted to hear from the international students as regards to our cultures, believes and styles. For example, I remember having a conversation with my writing teacher on whose writing styles is different between United States and Saudi Arabia. This teacher enjoyed to listen from students about that subject which I consider as a respect and professional to us as international students.
The author further states that “But the concept of individual is different in our society than it is in his. In our culture, children are trained to think of themselves as separate individuals from the time they are born”
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In this case, the author has tried to show the need to create an understanding of various aspects of domestic culture to make it easy for the majority students to adopt differently. I further concur with the line of thought with the understanding that it is quite hard for someone from a different culture to fully understand critical analysis. As an example the English language is full of synonyms and their use is depended on the context in which they will be used. An Arabic world translated in English may at times sound inappropriate due to the lack of