Heming Style Of Art

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I selected these works for comparison because I find the shift in style and subject matte to be very interesting and also because I have always loved antique silverware. I really wanted to either do sculpture or something besides a painting for this project because I find them more appealing but it was hard finding such works on the second floor of the art museum or the works were in the temporary exhibit and I couldn’t find the labels. I love how the Heming piece reflects the old traditions of the Renaissance and is really reflective of the past and how this is complete contrast to the Tiffany piece that showcases the new found excitement over the recently discovered frontier. Both of the cups are large and are meant to showcase beauty and the work of the artist. Of the pieces also use natural elements in their decoration, for example the Tiffany has the horns and some small leaf motifs and the Heming has vines and plants crawling all around it. I think it is also interesting how the two pieces reflect the thoughts of the people of the time they were created. For example, the American piece comes from a time when the west was a new and exciting frontier where people were flocking for adventure. Also, the country was fairly new and so there was great pride in the break from the old world traditions of England. Meanwhile, the Heming piece shows how people in England had a love for the old styles of the Renaissance and had a strong sense of tradition. I think this