Essay on Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants: An Analysis

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Ernest Hemingway’s short story is about choices being made and dealing with the action later. In the story “Hills like White Elephants” Jig and the American are discussing what readers think is an abortion, although the characters never mention the word. The American gives this operation away with saying, “But, I don’t want anyone but you.” While they are waiting for the train the couple argues back and forth over getting this operation getting done. Although, many suggest this is on abortion, it is based on choices. Everyone makes choices in life and in this story Jig and the American are making a choice on whether to get the operation done or keep the baby. Choices are made every day by many people. In the story Jig is faced with a decision on whether to get the operation done. The American keeps reassuring her that the operation is simple. With rarely making any conversation with the American, Jig is frustrated with the question of the operation. If Jig chooses to have abortion they could spend more time together, if they don’t they have another mouth to feed. The decision Jig makes will affect the couple’s relationship. The white elephant is a symbol which could be based on the unborn baby. When Jig is talking to the American she is saying how the mountains remind her of white elephants. The American said that he had never seen a white elephant before. This can be because of wanting the operation more than the child. To many cultures white elephants…