Henrietta Lacks Research Paper

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Henrietta Lacks, a woman known for liking to help others. She was the first person to be known to have immortal cells. Her cells were taken from her and used in many medicines and researches. They soon were sent around the world to scientist wanting to research them. The cells were able to create vaccines, perform new tests, helped cloning and launch the field of virology. Although Henrietta never knew about the use of her cells and her family found out years later, her family was more curious than excited to know more about them. Her family nowadays is supportive of the research and is still being honored today. Scientists have even told the Lacks family that her cells were one of the most important discoveries in scientific history. The cells are …show more content…
This event happened back in the 1950’s so laws were different back then the document stated that they could take out anything that had to be used for research. Her cells had to be taken out and examined to help determine her illness. Doctors had no idea that her cells were going to be immortal and as important as they were. The doctors also ended up being punished for not saying anything about the cells to Henrietta. The Lacks family did not find out about Henrietta cells until around 20 years later from a distant family member, but there is a reason that they didn’t know. Scientist at John Hopkins stated that if the family and other found out about the cells, it would cause uproar within the family, and all they wanted to do was protect them. This turned out to be a true statement since the Lacks were bombarded with reporters asking about HeLa. Scientists also never made money off of them. They were used for research and medical advancements, not for profit. So the cells technically taken without consent and the Lacks family did find out, just not until years later, because of